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Hotmail Login: looking for hotmail login and the process for logging in to the hotmail accounts? Are you looking for the best email service (Hotmail Login) among the number of mailing applications? It is very important for people like us to stay in contact with friends, colleagues, family etc. There were a number of sources available on the web for making connections easier. login is one of the most commonly known and referred email service in these days. Before going to get into the Hotmail login history, let me produce some interesting points on Hotmail email source. Find the detailed information regarding Hotmail service from the objects discussed below. detailed information on Hotmail Login Hotmail Sign in ( signin) are mentioned below.

What is Hotmail Login || Sign in , Login:

Hotmail login is an email service developed and owned by Microsoft and is formerly known as MSN Hotmail. Hotmail Service was founded by Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith in the year 1996 naming it as HoTMaiL.  The name Hotmail was chosen after going through many possibilities that are ending in “-mail” as it includes the letters HTML in it. HTML is the well-known markup language used to create web pages. At the earlier stages of Hotmail launch, the basic free storage of Hotmail is 2 MB. Later Microsoft has purchased it for an amount of $ 400 Million and renamed it as “Hotmail” network and it has been launched as MSN Hotmail

Hotmail login ( in) has gained its popularity in a short span of time as it was restricted to various markets around the globe. However, the name of the service was turned to Windows Live Hotmail as a part of Windows Live series of Products. In 2011, Microsoft released the final version of Hotmail on 36 languages and got replaced by a new name called in 2013. Hotmail was a known email service for all the users but the replacement of its name made the users get confused. Here is the need information regarding Hotmail, Outlook, and in detailed format.

What is Msn  Outlook?

msn Outlook is an Email application or product from Microsoft provided as a part of Microsoft Office Suite. Outlook email application includes the Task Manager, Calendar, Contact Manager, Journal, Web browsing and note taking. Outlook has recorded 400 million active users till the date. Microsoft Outlook Hotmail Connector which is known as Office Outlook Connector is a discontinued and expired free add-in for Outlook 2003,2007, and 2010 which has been designed to combine into Microsoft Outlook. Previously MSN calendar is made available to MSN premium account subscribers only. Later on, after joining the, Windows Live Calendar git upgraded.  Now Hotmail is purely transformed into Microsoft Outlook where you can check out the upgraded features of Hotmail service. is a web-based Suite of webmail, task manager, contacts, calendaring and notepad services from Microsoft. Hotmail is one of the first webmail services that is now handled by Microsoft. was first recorded as Hotmail in the year 1996 and later it got acquired by Microsoft. follows the Metro design language created by Microsoft which closely resembles the interface of Microsoft Outlook. Hotmail Login from Hotmail features unlimited storage, calendar, contacts manager, task manager, One drive, Office online and Skype. Using it is much easier to edit Microsoft Office files right from your inbox and attach files from Google Drive, Dropbox etc. Any Outlook webmail user can access their emails from internet browser or download Outlook app on their Android or iOS device from Google Play Store or App Store respectively. this is all about

Features of Hotmail:

Here you go to the most lovable features of Windows Live Hotmail and Email client. The number of updates made us go through the innovative features of Hotmail login service as provided in the below words.

  • Edit and View Office Documents:

Accessing all the web applications either to View or share or edit any document is much easier using Windows Live Hotmail. Just email any kind of document or presentation to yourself. As the document will be available in Hotmail cloud, try to make changes that you want to do. Using Windows Hotmail Live, you can edit and view the presentations in the Office web application.

  • Security:

Windows Hotmail login 9WWW.HOTMAIL.COM0 is the best webmail service with high-security provisions. You can find A-level security for Windows Live Hotmail while logging your account in order to save User details from hackers. As the latest updates brought you HTTPS in Hotmail, so you can enjoy using Hotmail without any worries.

  • Send Files:

Generally, Online sources support sending files from one account to another account but the file size will be limited to some extent which is comparatively less to that of Hotmail. Now the combination of Hotmail with Skydrive have increased the file size up to 10 GB in each mail. So you can send any file up to 10 GB size using Windows Live Hotmail.  You can even save to Skydrive as it provides 25 GB of free space to store any kind of files safely. Any user who receives the URL link to the file from other friends can download it on their device without having a Skydrive account. Enjoy sharing large size files easily using Hotmail File sender option.

  • Share and View Media like Photos and Videos:

In order to share any media like Photos or Videos, tap on the Photos button provided in the sidebar. Using this button, you can send any number of Photos in the form of mail. Whenever you try to send photos or videos using Hotmail then they get uploaded to Skydrive where the recipient will receive the link. Using slideshow feature, you can view all the photos shared on your device and add comments for each and every photo using your Windows Live Hotmail login ID.

  • Remove Spam Mail:

It is quite common for Hotmail or any webmail users to come across spammers while using Windows Live Hotmail. The best feature in this mailing service will let you filter spam emails into different categories like ” Grey Mail” and “Spam”. Hotmail filtering of emails will be based on the IP address and Wave 4 Spam is the new feature launched for Windows Live Hotmail. Whenever users move any mail into the trash then those emails will be automatically saved under “Grey Mail” and will be blocked without your notice. You can even mark any email as spam depending on the user sent to your Hotmail account.

  • View Chats:

Spending time by chatting with friends on Hotmail regarding the particular topic is common. But finding those conversations whenever you need is bit tough task compared to other webmail services. At some point of time, you may wish to go through the lovely conversations which you had during your chatting session. When you want to check out those chats, tap on “Conversation View” and then Click on “Arrange By” button to choose your conversation from the chats displayed below. As Hotmail keeps your chats encrypted, all the conversations that you have made with your friends will be kept as private. View Conversations along with date and time using Windows Live Hotmail login service.

  • Chat with Facebook Friends on Hotmail:

This is the most loved feature presented by Windows Live Hotmail for all the Facebook and Hotmail users. Nowadays, people are very much addicted to new updates for every social networking services. Microsoft is trying harder to blend the social networking features into different services. Everyone knows that Live messenger actively supports Facebook and even they are now trying to combine with Windows Live Hotmail to enable the users to chat with their friends. All Hotmail users can enjoy chatting with their Facebook friends similar to that of Messenger.

  • Folders:

As the number of emails in your Windows Live Hotmail may make you get confused while looking for a particular one. So Folders is the best feature provided by Hotmail service with which you can create a new folder and manage your emails according to your need. You can add a subfolder to the main folder so that you can find any sub categorized emails easily.

  • Language:

As Windows Live Hotmail is a Webmail service, people living all over the world can enjoy using it. But all the time Language barrier will interrupt the users and make them face language issues while using it. To remove these kinds of Language issues, Hotmail has been made available to its users in 35 languages. Any user from other countries can pick their favorite language and enjoy using Windows Hotmail service.

  • Advertisements:

Ads are the only sources where the app developers or web creators can gain money. So Hotmail is one of those ads supported service which displays ads while using the Hotmail client. Sometimes you can see the ads in the form of a banner at the top or at the right corner while composing an email. Though the ads make you feel irritated, Hotmail ads will keep you stay away from illegal ad sources and helps you not to get distracted.

  • Email Composition and Spell Checker:

Whenever you try to compose an email, you might be checking for the colors, font size, length of the text, weight of text etc. Hotmail is a rich source that offers all the basic formats that are required for email purpose. It is very usual to make spelling mistakes while composing a mail. Spell Checker provided with Windows Live Hotmail will allow you to check the spelling mistakes in the email that you have composed.

How to Create Hotmail Account/ Hotmail Login @

creating the hotmail account is as easy as eating a banana. If you are a new visitor to Hotmail service or signin then you can understand what actually Hotmail and its features only by creating a new Hotmail account. To create Windows Live Hotmail account, you need to check out the steps provided below.

  • Choose any web browser and type in the address bar and tap on the enter button.
  • Now you will be directed to the official website of where you can create a new Hotmail account for free.
  • Tap on create hotmail account link and then enter the details required in the boxes provided here.
  • Once you enter a Hotmail ID and strong password, tap on Send me promotions emails from Microsoft if you are interested or else tap on next button.
  • Now you need to setup your account by entering your first name and last name, then tap on next option.
  • Choose your country, Date of Birth and then tap on next button.
  • Provide the mobile number so that a confirmation or verification code will be sent to the respective mobile number.
  • Enter the code in the space provided and tap on next so that you will be done with creating a new Hotmail account.
  • Now you can enjoy using Hotmail service on any device with the help of Hotmail id and password.
  • this is the way to create hotmail Account

Hotmail App For Hotmail Login & Mails:

If you are a Hotmail lover then you can now access your emails using Hotmail app. Any Android user can get the app from Google Play Store, iOS users from App store and PC users from web browsers for free of cost. One who has shifted from Windows Live Hotmail to cab download Outlook app from the same stores depending on your device. As Hotmail service is available in the form of application, you can access your emails easily from all over the world. Sign in, sign in Hotmail Email Login:

Hotmail sign in or Hotmail email login can be performed easily only when you have a Hotmail account. If you don’t have any Hotmail account then create one by following the steps mentioned above. To sign in or login Hotmail, go through the points discussed in the below words. Sign in Process & Login:

  • Visit the official website of Windows Live Hotmail in order to sign in or log in your Hotmail account.
  • If you have upgraded your Hotmail account to then switch to the official website of Outlook.
  • will direct you to the login page of Windows Live Hotmail or Outlook mail.
  • Enter the login or sign in details in the space provided and then tap on the sign in button.
  • Then you will be directed to your Hotmail account where you can find the emails sent or received to the respective Hotmail ID.

Upgrade from to Outlook (

Since the launch of outlook services ( sign in) into the market, people starting trying to get upgraded from Hotmail. Though Hotmail got shifted to, there were few people who are still looking for Hotmail services in order to access their emails. A series of posts asking the present users of Hotmail to convert into has prompted the users to get shifted. Users believed and got turned out to from Hotmail login service in very short span of time. Upgrading from Hotmail to is much easier and you will be directed at every stage of upgrading by outlook services. If you are a Hotmail user then get shifted to directly instead of creating a new outlook account.

  • You can continue using the same @hotmail ( sign in) address and password while using
  • You need to change or request for new outlook account when you have a Windows Live Hotmail account.
  • You can access all the emails, contacts, folders, categories, flagged conversations, chats etc even after shifting to
  • Your sign in signature and vacation reply will not be changed once you shift to
  • All your devices will work on with the Outlook connector so that you can enjoy outlook email service as that of Hotmail.

How to upgrade from Hotmail to

Every new viewer for may not be able to upgrade their Hotmail service easily if they are not aware of it. If you are one among those people who are looking for upgrading Hotmail account to Outlook account, then check out the steps published here.

  • Check out the official website link of Outlook service @
  • Now visit the official website and then sign-in with your existing Hotmail account.
  • Enter your existing Hotmail account address and password in the space provided below.
  • Tap on the sign in button, wait for the upgrade link and then you will be asked to upgrade your Hotmail account to Outlook.
  • Now you will be upgraded and you need to get a new email address if you want to change your address(However you can use the same Hotmail login address instead of changing the address).
  • If you wish to upgrade your address then change it to or else enjoy using Outlook services with your Hotmail account details.

Can I still Use Account?

Hotmail services are shifted to Outlook and the features of Outlook will be same as that of Windows Live Hotmail. However, Microsoft has already announced that it has closed Hotmail and asked the user to shift to Any Windows Hotmail user who has shifted to can enjoy using the highlighted features like metro style interface, calendars etc. One who has not yet moved their Hotmail will receive emails prompting them to upgrade to If you have turned to then you will not be able to use Hotmail account again.

How to access WWW.Hotmail.COM Emails in Outlook?

As you were aware of both Hotmail and Outlook services, you can choose the service which you are willing to use. If you are interested to get converted to then work with easily and access all your emails on Outlook.

  • Open your Outlook account (hotmail login) and the tap on File/ Info.
  • Tap on add account and select email account to enter your name in the space provided.
  • Now enter your Windows Live Hotmail address and Password.
  • Tap on next button and then click on finish button.
  • Now you have successfully done with transferring emails to
  • Access all your Hotmail emails using by restarting Outlook services.

How should I export my contacts from Windows Live Hotmail?

Any Smartphone user who is habituated to use Hotmail login might have saved all the contacts in Hotmail account. Now Hotmail has got integrated with where you can access your Windows Live Hotmail using Outlook. Go through the step by step procedure given here to export contacts from Windows Live Hotmail to

  • Firstly, sign in to your Windows Live Hotmail account using the ID and Password.
  • Click on the down arrows present at the upper left corner of your device screen.
  • Tap on people and then click on manage button provided in the menu bar.
  • Choose the export option in order to manage contacts and transfer from Windows Live Hotmail to
  • Now save the exported file on your desktop so that your contacts will be kept safe.
  • Open your outlook account and then tap on manage in the menu bar to import the contacts from the computer.
  • Now you have successfully exported the contacts from Windows Live WWW.Hotmail.Com to

Hotmail Login Sign In FAQs:

Is it mandatory to move Hotmail account to ?

No, it is not mandatory to move your Hotmail account to if you are not interested. But Microsoft warns you to upgrade your Hotmail account to in order to enjoy the highlighted features of

Will my emails, contacts and Hotmail history be lost after Upgrading to Outlook?

No, all the data available with your Hotmail  login account will be transferred to So any Hotmail user can shift to without any fear for your Hotmail data.

What are the browsers supporting or

If you have recently upgraded from Hotmail to then make sure that you are dealing with browsers like Internet Explorer 8, 9, 10, Google Chrome 17 and higher, Safar Browser 5.1 on Mac device, Firefox 10 and higher.

Can I merge a new Outlook account with Hotmail account?

No, you cannot merge an Outlook account with Hotmail account. But you can connect both the accounts and toggle them by linking each other. Manage your linked accounts by switching to account settings and enjoy using both the accounts separately.


Hope you have got a clear idea regarding Windows Hotmail service and its importance from the post directed above. Upgrade your Hotmail account to and enjoy all the features offered by Microsoft to its users. If you are not able to turn your Hotmail account to, feel free to contact us by commenting below. Let us know your views about the point provided above and ask us if you are looking for more information regarding Hotmail account. hope you clearly understood about hotmail login, Hotmail Sign in.